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Special Giving Opportunity


Last Friday, our community had a family (that lives right down the street from the store) that had a house fire. They lost everything and had no insurance. Thanks to your purchases, we were able to provide them with clothing and food and lodging for a week. We connected them with a real estate person on Saturday. On Sunday, the agent showed them a house and placed an offer that was accepted. They were pre-approved for a loan on Saturday. The seller is going to move out as soon as they have final loan agreement. He will rent to them on a weekly basis until closing. How amazing is this!!!!! God is so faithful. On this Thanksgiving Day I am asking everyone who can to help us with getting the things needed for them to move in. Remember they had the clothes on their back when they lost their home and 2 pets I believe. What I am asking is for anyone who can to help us bless this family. There is a husband and wife and a daughter who is a senior at Northwest. How can you help? They need all kitchen items, I ask that we provide them with good usable items. God says to give our best, let's show them what God can do. They will need everything so look around your house and imagine it being empty. Let me know if anyone can help with this mountain of a task. I will rent a storage unit in cedar hill and we will see what God does. It's Thanksgiving and I am thankful that God will provide for this family through our community. Pray for this family as they start over. God blesses us to be a blessing.

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